Gallery 2016

Welcome to my Gallery! 

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Canada 150 - Lap

Canada 150 - Baby

Gift for my MIL December 2016
{Another} Stepping Stones Christmas table runner

Gift for my Mom December 2016
Stepping Stones Christmas table runner

Black Birds {redo x2}

Farm Friends


MOD Bear Paw - Baby Quilt Edition

Kissy Fishy

Dog Gone Cute {redo}

Ay, Chihuahua!!!

Sold in October 2016
Black Birds in Blue {redo}

Modernitional Bear Paw

mini mini Forest Friends

Hamster, Bird and Raccoon mini mini quilts

Sold in August 2016
My Pet Hamster mini and mini mini quilts

My Pet Hamster quilt

Raccoon mini mini quilt

Hamster mini mini quilt

Cougar mini mini quilt

Raccoon quilt

Sold in August 2016
Raccoon mini quilt

Gifted to my Mom in May 2016
Crafted Appliqué Table Runner

KYSS Me by the Garden Wall

Sold in June 2016
Black Birds

Penguin Pyramid

Cat Treats

Penguin Inn

Rural Squirrel in Northcott ColourWorks Concepts

Rural Squirrel in Cotton Couture

Sold in November 2016
Rural Squirrel in Brown Neutrals

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Bonus HST Sewing Machine Mat

Sold in August 2016
Ugly Christmas Sweaters Maxi Quilt

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Super Mini Quilt

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